Yoga retreat Spain

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Yoga retreat Spain 24-28 May 2018, 585.- euro all incl.

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More than yoga!

After the magic retreats last years (see THE PHOTOBOOK) I am looking forward already to the next yoga retreat in the mountains of Alcalali and yet just 35 minutes car drive from the coast of Javea. During this yoga retreat we will dive into the depths of yoga through asana practice, breath work, meditations, yoga nidra, subtle enrgy systems and the healing power of sound.


In the beautiful mountains of the Costa Blanca you find the retreat centre of The Dome. A family run finca, in the middle of nature, yet very centrally located. The Dome is especially build for soundhealing. The energy and acoustics are amazing inside, which will make your yoga classes to something you won’t forget! The surroundings are just stunning. A charming finca with pool, hammocks and bean bags in between almonds trees, nature and mountains all around.

During this yoga retreat we will practice yoga twice a day, but there will be more. Superb energetic vegetarian food (with a lovely glass of wine if you wish), Ayurveda workshop, meditation, yoga nidra, walks in the mountains, enough free time to relax, take a treatment (footreflexology, tarot-reading, massage, Reiki) or drive to the beach. And last but not least…let yourself be surprised by the healing of sound. In an ancient mountain cave during a sjamanistic ritual with drum, flute and blissfull singing, a group sound journey and mantra singing under the starts with candle light.

This 5-days yoga retreat has a very complete, authentic and transformative program which will make you feel reconnected and recharged in a short time.


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The Dome in Alcalali is a family run place. Michele and Nestor have built a lovely Spanish finca in the middle of beautiful mountains. Don’t expect luxury accommodation, but what you can expect is charm and great energy from people who cook with love and teach with love. The white Dome was especially build for sound healing therapies, so there are great acoustics and an amazing peaceful energy inside to practice yoga.

Alcalali is just 1 hour and a 10 minutes’ drive from Alicante airport and 1,5 hour from Valencia airport. Airport transportation can be easily (and quite cheap) arranged by rental car, with Beniconnect or a pre-arranged group transfer at request.



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The yoga

The yoga lessons are suitable for beginner and advanced students. My yoga style is a fusion of Vinyasa, flow and energy work with moments of stillness and more dynamic parts. You will be challenged to find your inner strength and connect with yourself by breathing techniques. Learn more about Mireille and her yoga style. Or take a look at her Facebook page or Yogainjavea Facebook page.


Michele (left) and Mireille are inviting you for this yoga retreat in Spain.

Michele (left) and Mireille are inviting you for this yoga retreat in Spain.

Sound healing

Our body doesn’t only consist of our physical body, but also of our energy bodies. Sound is a wonderful (and proven!) method to penetrate into our energy fields and to bring healing and cleaning. It is hard to describe what Michele and Nestor can do with sound. A sound healing is a very special experience where they use all kinds of instruments and their own voice. Every ‘Sound Journey’ is different, as it is essentially an intuitive, shamanic process, requiring a deep sensitivity for what is needed in the moment. The only thing you need to do, is to lie down and relax….You will definitely enjoy it!

At Saturday evening we will have a special mantra session with candle light under the stars in the Dome…a night to remember! Really, the most sceptic ones, loved this.


Workshop (optional)

A very simple, but yet effective method to give direction to your life is to know what you wish for. During this weekend, the yoga, meditation, sound healings and time for yourself will help you to discover who you really are and where you stand in life. In your own time and space I invite you to work on making your moodboard. Visualizing the life you want to live, is the first step to realizing it.

It is fun to do and it really makes you happy to (re)connect to who you really are. I have made several moodboards the last years and it has helped me enormously to make things clear and to realise my passions in life.


Treatments (optional)

I want to make this yoga retreat as relaxing and transforming for you as possible. That’s why I invited passionated people to come over and offer nourishing treatments. Michelle Gonzalez will offer footreflexology and Reiki. A very special lady, who will make you feel loved and relaxed. Charli covers the full body massage. She is also known as an angel with golden hands…Michele (another one) will offer individual or couple soundhealings in The Dome. Highly recommended! And Brenda Evans is a very experienced medium who uses tarot to give you guidance on your life path. So, enough exiting treatments to make this yoga retreat a weekend to remember!


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At the Dome there is a finca with 2 bedrooms, dining room, kitchen and lounge area. In the garden there are two more wooden cabins and an annex with two connected rooms. All bathrooms are shared and the bedrooms sleep 2, 3 or 4 people (most of them are twins). A single room is at request (with surcharge). The finca and its gardens and pool area offer plenty of space to read a book or relax in private if you wish.



During the yoga retreat the cook will buy, prepare and make the food with much thought and love.

The vegetables and fruit are bought from local Eco farmers and 95% of all other cereal, grains and ingredients are from “fair trade”. The intention of the cook is to provide the right combination of food for each meal. This will bring the body into balance and provide the energy that is needed to support the work that you will be doing.

The cook was trained by Montse Bradford in Barcelona, who is famous for her “Food Sovereignty” and “Bio-Energetic” trainings. If you like to learn more about energetic cooking, feel free to join and help in the kitchen!

As a nice glass of wine is also a part of enjoying my meal…wine is available (allthough not very common at yoga retreats) during lunch and dinner at no extra costs. Besides 3 meals a day, tea, fruit, water and a daily homemade cake are at your disposal.


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Alcalali is a charming Spanish town in the middle of the Jalon valley. The finca is surrounded by lovely mountains and straight from it you can make beautiful walks. Just a 15 minutes’ walk along the river, you will find Jalon which, on Saturday mornings, is invaded by Spaniards and tourists who arrive in town for the amazing Jalón Market.

It is held almost every Saturday throughout the year and is known for its enormous array of antiques and flea market-style items. You’ll also find many stalls selling clothing, shoes, books, food, jewellery, handmade traditional Spanish clothing and lots more.

If you like to take a dip in the sea, the lovely town of Javea is just 35 minutes away by car, with trendy beachbars and a chill out scene. The beach of Calpe can be reached by 20 minutes.



Thursday until Monday, 5 days: € 585.- p.p


  • Four nights of accommodation in a bedroom sleeping 2, 3 or 4 (mostly double occupancy)
  • All meals, including wine, water, tea, daily homemade cake and fruit during the day
  • 7 Yoga classes, meditation and yoga nidra
  • Talks for deeper understanding of yoga and subtle energy systems, like chakrás and Prana Vayu
  • Ayurveda workshop – learning which yoga practice, pranayama and diet suit your type, season and climate
  • Excursion to ancient mountain cave for sjamanistic meditation and sound session
  • Mantra evening under the stars with candle light
  • Group sound journey by professional soundhealers



  • Flights to Spain
  • Airport transportation
  • Surcharge single room
  • Extra’s like massage, footreflexology, reiki, individual soundhealing, tarot: 30 tot 40 euro


Group space: minimum 6 and maximum 16. Arrival Thursday from 16.00 and departure before 11.00 on Monday.



Spaces are limited, so don’t wait too long to reserve if you would like to join. Flights are also a lot cheaper if you book them early. At reservation 50% is required to guarantee the booking. Please email for more information or to sign up.


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