My new website SoulfulLiving yoga retreats


It is ready! My new website of SoulfulLiving yoga retreats! A month of hard work in which I didn’t see my yoga mat a lot, but I am proud that I can share it now with you. SoulfulLiving is the result of what comes deeply from my heart and soul. I hope you can ‘feel’ through this website what yoga means to me and what you can expect when you decide to book one of my yoga retreats in Spain, Sicily or Thailand or join my weekly classes in Javea. I will be happy and honoured to share my joy in yoga with you. I hope our path will cross somewhere on this beautiful globe.


Only 4 spaces left for yoga retreat Spain

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There are only FOUR SPACES left….for my YOGA RETREAT, in Alcalali in Spain, 29 May- 1 June,

A long weekend in the sun, good food with a glass of wine if you wish, yoga, soundhealing, massage, footreflexology and tarot. Enjoy the good life with a twist of transformation. Only 1 hour away from the airport. The energy in The Dome is amazing!! Only 299 euro, all inclusive. Read all about it on this page under retreat or have a look at some pictures

Be thankful


Talking about being thankful..This review about my yoga retreat reminds me where my life is about. Wherever I am on this earth, I will share my energy and bring great people together.

Going on this retreat was amazing. Some times in life you meet special people. Their energy and positive, healthy outlook is contagious. It makes you reflect on your life and gives you space to think about what you want your life to be. The idyllic setting, the vibes and the atmosphere that was created by Mireille is magical. Time seemed to slow down. Time to heal and to unwind. The yoga, meditations, and the surprisingly powerful group sound healing were all amazing. It was all very relaxed and nurturing. It was also so uplifting to meet so many great people. Like minded but all from very different back grounds. It was one of those weekends that I will always remember. I am already planning to go on the next one. – Jill Sutherland –

Minimum reached for yoga retreat in May in Spain, Alcalali


Spring is coming and I personally feel things growing again. Not only in nature, but also inside myself. New adventures, new insights, new people crossing my path. I feel I am not the only one experiencing this. The number of participants signing up for my  yoga retreat this year is growing. For the one in May we have reached the minimum participants, so it is ON for sure! And the first mom and daughter have signed up for the family retreat in October. I feel so blessed to be able to share my energy and experience with all of you through yoga and meditation and everything else that will be on offer during my retreat. Great soundhealing, footreflexology and tarot with medium Brenda. Sign up for one of my classes or retreats. I promise you, you won’t regret.

Medium & tarot reader during yoga retreat Spain


At the last weekend of May, Brenda Evans will be giving tarot sessions during my next yoga retreat in Alcalali, just a 30 minutes drive from Javea. Besides yoga and soundhealing, I am offering different opportunities to work on yourself on different levels during the retreat. Brenda is another sincere and lovely person that came on my path. She was born with the ability to be in contact with the spirit world and uses this to give guidance on your life path. She is a down-to-earth person with a great hart. I am happy to have her ‘on board’. The sessions with Brenda or one with the other therapists, for massage or flootreflexology, are optional in the program.

For more information about the retreat (29th of May- 1 st of June) and the full programm go to this page.


My master is you

Thanks to Pranamaya Nepal I like to share this gift with you

Thanks to Pranamaya Nepal I like to share this gift with you

As maybe more of you do in this time of year, I am making up the balance. Wondering where I stand, why I do things or don’t. Going in silence and just listen and let energy flow. Yoga is my greatest ‘vehicle’ in this and thats exactly why I am so passionate about it. Sharing yoga with others is the greatest gift of joy.

To all of you, who crossed my yogapath last year, I want to express my deep gratitude. For being open, sharing your thoughts and energy, inspire me and others in the great journey of life.

On my recently made moodboard there is a picture of a master which I wish to encounter. But actually I realized that I have met so many masters already….yes YOU!

So thank you! And I really wish you all the best for the following year with more love, peace and transformation.

Let’s share more great times together in our yoga practice at beautiful places with beautiful people on this earth!



Reflexology and Reiki in yoga retreat Spain

I am happy to have Michelle Gonzalez around for Reiki and footreflexology during my yoga retreat in Spain.

I am happy to have Michelle Gonzalez around for Reiki and footreflexology during my yoga retreat in Spain.

For the next yoga retreat I wish to offer the participants more exciting and nourishing treatments, so they have a range of things to choose from. In my search for this, i found Michelle Gonzalez. A really lovely and caring person with a peaceful energy around her. This week i did a reflexology treatment with her and it was amazing! My feetchakra’s probably got a boost of energy from her Reiki hands (which she does also since she was 13 years old!)and tingled for days. Ofcourse some spots were more tender than others but I just love it, even when it starts to be a little painful as I just feel that I am loosing tension. Michelle is a real professional explaining also a lot about the points and to which part they relate in the body.
I am really happy that Michelle will be offfering footreflexology and Reiki during the next yoga retreat in Spain from 29th of May until the 1st of June. Don’t miss it, you will love her!