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Soon I will be launching my new website. Uptill then English information about the yoga retreat at Sicily is availible on this flyer. It will be a lovely 5 days yoga holiday at Casa Azzurra which lies in the Etna naturparc at Sicily. My friend runs this great property with an amazing view over the island. She will use all her knowledge of the Italian kitchen to make delicious slowfood meals, with local ingredients. Get into the flow of your life again with great yoga, meditation and workshop program. This yoga retreat at Sicily is in the fall, from 27 September – 1 October when temperatures are the best on the island.

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Yoga Camping Bakkum

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Sta jij deze zomer op camping Bakkum en heb je zin in yoga? Ik geef deze zomer yoga les bij Yoga2go in Castricum. In een heerlijke ruime studio kun je op maandag en woensdag ochtend in de maand juli meedoen aan een flow les. Iedereen is welkom: beginners en gevorderden. Op rustgevende muziek neem ik je mee in een les, die zowel dynamisch is als ontspannend. Ik kijk er naar uit je te ontmoeten!

Veel yoga studio’s zijn gesloten in Castricum in de zomer, maar Yoga2go niet en biedt een aangepast rooster. Kijk voor meer info over het rooster op:

Yoga retreat Spain in May is full, October the next


Only a couple of days to go before the yoga retreat in Spain will take off! The weather can’t be better, the group is an exiting mixture again of nationalities, backgrounds and ages…just the way i like it. I love doing this!! It’s such a blessing to share my joy in yoga and life in general with others. This retreat will bring laughter, insights and inspiration to not only you, but to me as well.

More yoga retreats Spain, Sicily and Ko Samui Thailand

In the fall there are more yoga retreats coming up. In september 2015 a yoga & slowfood retreat in Sicilië and in oktober 2015 a yoga and sound retreat in Spain again in the beautiful Dome. Stay in connection with me at Facebook for the latest news about upcoming retreats. In January/february 2016 I will live at Ko Samui (again) and will take you to the greatest spots on the island during my yoga retreat at Ko Samui, Thailand.

Only 4 spaces left for yoga retreat Spain

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There are only FOUR SPACES left….for my YOGA RETREAT, in Alcalali in Spain, 29 May- 1 June,

A long weekend in the sun, good food with a glass of wine if you wish, yoga, soundhealing, massage, footreflexology and tarot. Enjoy the good life with a twist of transformation. Only 1 hour away from the airport. The energy in The Dome is amazing!! Only 299 euro, all inclusive. Read all about it on this page under retreat or have a look at some pictures

Introduction to chakra’s and yoga


The concept of the chakras can be both intriguing and a little daunting. It’s easier to understand skin, bone, and muscle because, well, we can see and feel them tangibly.  But chakras require our sensitivity and awareness to move towards the more subtle, which can be a whole new funky space for us to play.

So what exactly is a chakra?

Chakra (pronounced chuck-ra) is a Sanskrit word that translates as wheel. Essentially, they are energy centres within our subtle anatomy that govern the distribution and flow of prana (energy or life force) through our system. If that sounds fairly big, it’s because it is!

Just as traffic can become jammed at an intersection, and the flow of blood can become blocked within an artery, energy can become blocked at chakra points.

Energy moves through nadis (you can think of nadis as the highways of the energy body and chakras as the intersections), and when blockage occurs, we can experience disharmony. That might be anything from mild feelings of unrest to chronic illness or dis-ease.

In yoga, as in many other eastern wellness modalities, chakras have such a massive influence on both our physical and emotional health that a balanced flow of energy (this energy is known as chi in Tai Chi, qi in Qi Gong, and ki in Reiki as well as prana) is often the main focus for some.

I’ve highlighted the word balanced, because while there is the potential for energy to become blocked, there is also the potential for chakras to become overactive, which can create problems too.

There are thousands of chakras in the energy body.

In yoga, we focus on the six major chakras along the line of the spine, as well as the crown chakra just above the top of the head (think silhouette guy with the coloured lights).

Each of these chakras relate to specific organs and endocrine glands, so they have an effect on our physical wellbeing. Due to the interconnected way human beings are put together, the chakras also impact our mind and our emotions.

As an example, the heart chakra, located at the point in the spine behind the centre of the chest, corresponds physically to the heart and lungs, as well as the thymus gland which assists with healthy immune function.

Emotionally, the heart chakra is connected to how we relate to others and our ability to feel compassion and unconditional love.

Poses that encourage a balanced flow of heart chakra energy, such as back bending poses, can help vitalise our heart, lungs, and immune system as well as help us live in a more open, loving, and compassionate way.

The major chakras start from the base of the spine and work up to the top.

  • The root chakra (Muladhara) is located just below the tailbone and relates to our connection with the physical and material aspects of life (think grounding, home, work, and your body).
  • The sacral chakra (Svadisthana) is located around the sacrum/tailbone and is our emotional centre (think likes, dislikes, desires, and attachments).
  • The solar plexus chakra (Manipura) is located in the spine behind the navel and is our fire centre (think willpower, determination, confidence, and self-esteem).
  • The heart chakra (Anahata) is unsurprisingly located in the spine behind the heart centre, and is all about relationships with others (think unconditional love and compassion).
  • The throat chakra (Vissudha) is located in the spine behind the pit of the throat and relates to all aspects of communication (listening and speaking).
  • The third eye chakra (Ajna) sits at the very top of the spine, and is our centre of intuition (think inner wisdom).
  • The seventh is the crown chakra, it sits just above the head and it has an energetic effect on our entire system as well as our connection to the cosmos.

Be thankful


Talking about being thankful..This review about my yoga retreat reminds me where my life is about. Wherever I am on this earth, I will share my energy and bring great people together.

Going on this retreat was amazing. Some times in life you meet special people. Their energy and positive, healthy outlook is contagious. It makes you reflect on your life and gives you space to think about what you want your life to be. The idyllic setting, the vibes and the atmosphere that was created by Mireille is magical. Time seemed to slow down. Time to heal and to unwind. The yoga, meditations, and the surprisingly powerful group sound healing were all amazing. It was all very relaxed and nurturing. It was also so uplifting to meet so many great people. Like minded but all from very different back grounds. It was one of those weekends that I will always remember. I am already planning to go on the next one. – Jill Sutherland –

Relaxation: Yoga Nidra every 2 weeks


Yoga Nidra is a very effective method to relax and to let go of anxiety and stress. Any emotional blokkages wil be healed. In a state of full relaxation, in which your body is in a state of sleep but your awareness stays alert, you will set a sankalpa (affirmation). This seed will grow and manifest itself into your reality. You don’t need to make any effort while doing yoga nidra, just lying down and relax.

We all know very well how to run around and be busy. But allowing ourselves to become still seems a hard thing to do. I offer you this in this class. It is a gift to your body, mind and soul.

Please sign up at

Donation 5 euro. The class takes 45 minutes. Time: Wednesday, every 2 weeks, 21.00 – next 29th of April