Be thankful


Talking about being thankful..This review about my yoga retreat reminds me where my life is about. Wherever I am on this earth, I will share my energy and bring great people together.

Going on this retreat was amazing. Some times in life you meet special people. Their energy and positive, healthy outlook is contagious. It makes you reflect on your life and gives you space to think about what you want your life to be. The idyllic setting, the vibes and the atmosphere that was created by Mireille is magical. Time seemed to slow down. Time to heal and to unwind. The yoga, meditations, and the surprisingly powerful group sound healing were all amazing. It was all very relaxed and nurturing. It was also so uplifting to meet so many great people. Like minded but all from very different back grounds. It was one of those weekends that I will always remember. I am already planning to go on the next one. – Jill Sutherland –


Relaxation: Yoga Nidra every 2 weeks


Yoga Nidra is a very effective method to relax and to let go of anxiety and stress. Any emotional blokkages wil be healed. In a state of full relaxation, in which your body is in a state of sleep but your awareness stays alert, you will set a sankalpa (affirmation). This seed will grow and manifest itself into your reality. You don’t need to make any effort while doing yoga nidra, just lying down and relax.

We all know very well how to run around and be busy. But allowing ourselves to become still seems a hard thing to do. I offer you this in this class. It is a gift to your body, mind and soul.

Please sign up at

Donation 5 euro. The class takes 45 minutes. Time: Wednesday, every 2 weeks, 21.00 – next 29th of April

Deep relaxation: yoga nidra class for all ages


Yoga Nidra (lying down on the floor, while I give a guided visualisation) is a proven method to release emotional stress and it brings you to a state of consciousness where you – for example- can set an intention to be or to do something.

It doesn’t acquire anything from you, except for you to lie down and relax. One hour of yoga nidra gives the same result as 4 hour sleep. It is suitable for all ages.

Every 2 weeks, the next:

Wednesday 13th of May at 21.00.

It will take around 45 minutes.

Donation: 5 euro

Where: in my yoga studio close to restaurant Gaucho in the Montgo area

Please let me know if you are interested. Also if you can’t make it Wednesday, but would like to come another time.

Minimum reached for yoga retreat in May in Spain, Alcalali


Spring is coming and I personally feel things growing again. Not only in nature, but also inside myself. New adventures, new insights, new people crossing my path. I feel I am not the only one experiencing this. The number of participants signing up for my  yoga retreat this year is growing. For the one in May we have reached the minimum participants, so it is ON for sure! And the first mom and daughter have signed up for the family retreat in October. I feel so blessed to be able to share my energy and experience with all of you through yoga and meditation and everything else that will be on offer during my retreat. Great soundhealing, footreflexology and tarot with medium Brenda. Sign up for one of my classes or retreats. I promise you, you won’t regret.