New Yoga beginner class at Thursdays 09.30

This morning we had a great new beginnerclass. With people opening themselves to yoga and to whatever it might bring them. Often beginners in yoga feel a little insecure ( I did!) about what to expect, but mostly they are surprised after their first class. That they actually need to do quite an exercise, but at the same time challenging themselves to find the stillness within. It takes practice and time, but it is very rewarding. To be able to connect to yourself, your energy and strength on a physical, emotional and spiritual level are the great gifts of yoga. This can’t be reached in one class. No it’s an ongoing journey. It’s a great pleasure that some of you have started that beautifull trip this morning with me. I am greatfull to be able to share my joy in yoga with you. So hop on the train, if you like to join as well.

And if you have any thoughts like: ‘i am not flexible enough’, ‘I’ll never be able to sit in al these postures’, ‘yoga is only for slim and fit people’…watch this:


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