My master is you

Thanks to Pranamaya Nepal I like to share this gift with you

Thanks to Pranamaya Nepal I like to share this gift with you

As maybe more of you do in this time of year, I am making up the balance. Wondering where I stand, why I do things or don’t. Going in silence and just listen and let energy flow. Yoga is my greatest ‘vehicle’ in this and thats exactly why I am so passionate about it. Sharing yoga with others is the greatest gift of joy.

To all of you, who crossed my yogapath last year, I want to express my deep gratitude. For being open, sharing your thoughts and energy, inspire me and others in the great journey of life.

On my recently made moodboard there is a picture of a master which I wish to encounter. But actually I realized that I have met so many masters already….yes YOU!

So thank you! And I really wish you all the best for the following year with more love, peace and transformation.

Let’s share more great times together in our yoga practice at beautiful places with beautiful people on this earth!




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