Leadership en yoga in Spanje


Vandaag bereid ik me voor op de yogales van morgen. Geen normale les, want de deelnemers zijn ‘anders’. Het gaat om een soort van zakelijke yoga. Negen mannen tussen de leeftijd van 20-40 jaar die hier in Javea samen zijn voor een leiderschap programma met Presence at Work. Alhoewel maakt hen dat anders? Eigenlijk niet. Want in allen van ons huist een leider. In de eerste plaats die van onszelf. Verbind met jezelf en je eigen kracht en je leven ontvouwt zich zoals het zich moet ontvouwen. En laat die kracht en verbinding nu altijd centraal staan in mijn lessen. Ik ben benieuwd hoe deze mannen dit morgen gaan beleven!


Today I am preparing for the yogaclass of tomorrow. It won’t be a normal class, as the participants are ‘different’, it’s some sort of business yoga. Nine men in the age of 20-40 years old who are in Javea for a leadership program with Presence at Work. Although, does that make them different? Actually not. As in all of us lives a leader. In the first place our personal leader. When you connect to yourself and your strength life presents itself to you like it should. This exact strength and connection is where I am working on in every class. I am very curious how these men will experience it tomorrow!



Big thanks for an amazing yoga retreat in Spain

Last weekend a group of very special people came together. Just ad random from different corners of the world, but all attracted to, some how, the same. Souls with great hearts, open minds and inspiring backgrounds. All single one of them, myself included, was touched by the amazing energy of The Dome, where the yoga retreat took place. The Dome has an energy inside, which cannot be described. It makes you change, it brings you in contact with yourself, it just makes you…happy!

The sound journeys that people made individually and as a group, the yoga with the daily yoga nidra (guided meditation), the massages, workshop and the food…it all made what is was: fantastic!

I got so many compliments that my jaws still hurt from smiling. But it doesn’t feel like an accomplishment. It just happened because of you being there!

My great, great gratitude to all of you,


Click at THE PHOTOBOOK that Michiel made, and…the next retreat will be at 29 May-1 June 2015!