Yoga retreat in Spain, 26-29 sept Costa Blanca

Solterreno-1-4From 26-29 September 2014 I will organise a relaxing and inspiring Yoga holiday retreat in Spain. This yoga retreat will be held at the Costa Blanca in Alcalali, just about 1 hour drive from Alicante and 35 minutes from the coast in Javea. Have a look at this website for more details. More pictures are coming up soon as well as a dutch translation.


A sparkle of gratitude

This morning we have ended our class with a guided meditation about gratitude. This film perfectly suites to that.

With my love for Thailand, it brought tears to my eyes…


Yoga is not only about stretching bodies, but also about stretching minds

Today I saw a promotionfilm about an impressive yogaproject in Africa. It really touched my hart to see how powerful yoga can be, no… IS. It reminded me of my last yoga class with my ‘monday-students’ who are 65 years or older. I practiced for the first time the plough with them. After showing them the movements they reacted in a way they are used to by saying: i cannot do that. After asking them to let go of this thought and just giving it a try by trusting their bodies, most of them came into the posture! And even more, two of them in shoulderstand! I must say that I was even surprised by seeing a couple of 70 and 75 years old into this position! They went home proudly by feeling so much flexibility into their bodies, but most of all, because they gained trust. And that’s exactly what yoga does to all the people who are involved in the Africa Yoga Project. As said in this film: Yoga is not only about stretching bodies, but also about stretching minds…